Doula Services

Transform Your Birth doula services are more than just birth services!  Preparation, support, encouragement and after the birth care are a part of the quality services and care you deserve and can expect working with us.

When working with TYB you can expect from us a caring and supportive experience starting at hire the prenatal period through Post Partum.  

At TYB we help you find your voice to make the decisions for you, and then we support your choices to ensure that your voice is not drowned out ensuring the best possible outcome for you and your baby.  For some that is an all natural birth, others it is a planned C-Section, or it is one of the many options in between.  How you birth is your choice, it is our responsibility to support your choices during your birth experience you choose.

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Additional Services

Welcoming a baby into your hearts and homes can be a wonderful experience but sometimes it can be more difficult than expected. TYB recognizes that some families benefit from additional assistance during this transformational time. Whether you need Breastfeeding Guidance, Help with tools for Comforting your baby, or just the chance to take a nap or a shower, it is our desire to help and serve you.  

Some women face prenatal or postpartum mood disorders which can be distressing to the woman and her family.  If you need help with Prenatal Depression or Anxiety, Postpartum Depression or Anxiety or Birth Trauma from a past birth experience, TYB provides counseling services through Buchheit Counseling.

Transforming life is what we do. 

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Transform Your Birth (TYB) Blogs

I am Jamie Bodily and I am the face of Transform Your Birth.  I became a Doula in 2000 started my training teaching birthing classes and then prgressed into being at births and as my life progressed I saw a need to be able to help women even more so I got a MS in Mental healthCounseling. While working as a doula I have been able to help women who are in need from all over the globe. While I have enjoyed this greatly I have also seen great tragedy as well.  I have worked with women who have had great obstacles that have led to great triumps from thier births such as rapes that led to adoptions to happy families unable to have a child, to mental health issues requiring more than I was able to give leading me to gain more education that allows me the ability to help these women who lose thier way and need assistance to keep thier family safe from harms way.

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